UnlockMyTV APK – Cinema HD Clone Download

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Getting a subscription for different types of VOD(Video On Demand) services can be very pricy and complex. Netflix, being the most popular VOD platform of all time has over 154 Million users worldwide. But some people also use services like Plex, Hulu, HBO, and Amazon Prime.

All these services can cost you anywhere around $10/month to $10/year. Because there are people who want to see different shows on different platforms, it is really hectic to manage so many accounts. So, apps like UnlockMyTV may be of help.

unlock my tv cinema HD clone

Unlock My TV contains all the shows from all the major providers like Netflix, Amazon Prime and combines them into one app so that you can use one app for every platform you watch shows on.

Let’s talk more about this app in the list of features of Unlock My TV

UnlockMyTV Features

  • Compatibility
    • You can use UMTV on your Phone, Android Box or on your firestick.
  • Clean UI
    • You get a very simple Netflix like UI with different tabs like Movies, TV shows.
  • Trakt Integration
    • You can use trakt to remember shows and play exactly where you left.
  • Real Debrid Integration
    • You can also log in your RealDebrid account to find high-quality fast links to the Content from CDN
  • Subtitle Support
    • You can use subtitles for any content you are watching by searching and it also gives you the privilege to edit the subtitles like Sizing, Color, etc.
  • Bookmarks
    • If you don’t have trakt, no worries. You can use the bookmark function to mark an episode as “Watched”.
  • External Players Support
    • UMTV works with 4 players. First is the default UnlockMyTV Player and the others are MX Player, VLC Player, and Exo Player.
  • AutoPlay
    • Isn’t it irritating when you have to click next whenever an episode ends? So, because we’re too lazy to do that UMTV also has the AutoPlay Feature.
  • Offline
    • You can also download the shows and save them offline to watch them later while camping or something.

Now you know that this is the best app you can ever have on your device. So let’s look at the procedure to download apps.

Get UnlockMyTV on Android

So there are two ways to download UnlockMyTV on your Android Smartphone. The first is to directly download the APK from the official site or you can use Filelinked app to download UMTV from someone’s store.

Get UMTV Via Filelinked

If you don’t have the filelinked app already on your phone you can download it from their official website.

  • So after downloading the app, you have to install it. If you can’t find the APK you downloaded it should be in the Downloads folder of your device.
  • Open the Filelinked app and enter the code “22222222” and press continue. A popup will ask you for a Pin, Enter “4754”
  • Now find the UnlockMyTV App in the list and click the download button.
  • Then you can install the APK from downloads folder
  • If you haven’t allowed the device to install apps from unknown sources it will prompt you with a message.
  • Just click allow apps from unknown sources and you will be ready to enjoy the app on your Android Phone.

Get UMTV Via Official Website

If you are concerned about the security issues related to apps like Unlock My TV you can download the app from the developer’s website.

  • Go to the developer’s website from here.
  • Click the Download Button,
  • After you have downloaded the APK, install it from the downloads folder.
  • Allow unknown sources if you haven’t already and click install.

Get UnlockMyTV on Firestick

There are plenty of ways to download and install apps on Firestick. You can use an app called Apps2Fire to send apps from your phone to your firestick or you can use the app “Downloader” to get APK from a direct download link or you can also use Filelinked app if you already have it

Get UMTV Via Downloader App

You can get downloader app by saying “Downloader” while holding the mic button on your firestick

install downloader 2
  • Open Downloader app and type the below address in the address bar


unlockmytv download
  • Download will begin directly and you will find the downloaded APK in the Files folder in the left hand menu.
  • Now install the APK from the folder and then delete the package file to save some space because you don’t want to eat up all the storage on your firestick.

Get UMTV Via Apps2Fire

So this process is called sideloading as you already have an app on one device which is on the same level, in this case, it’s Android. So you can use this process if you already have UnlockMyTV on your Android Phone.

  • So the kickoff will be started by you installing Apps2Fire on your Smartphone from Google Play.
  • Now open the app and go to the hamburger menu. Click on the setup tab.
  • In the setup tab, it will ask you the IP address for your firestick.
ip address
  • You can find the IP Address of your Firestick in Setting>About>Network section
find ip address
about networkj
  • Enter the IP address and click Save
  • Now head over to the menu again and go to upload apps
upload apps to fire TV
  • Select the UMTV App and it will be transferred automatically.

Get UMTV Via Filelinked

If you have filelinked app on your Fire TV you can carry on with this step by step guide. It is same as we taught you to get the app on your android phone via filelinked.

  • Open filelinked and you will be asked for a code, so enter “22222222” with pin “4754”
filelinked enter code
  • Your screen will be flooded with a lot of apps, just find UnlockMyTV and download it.
filelinked Store
  • When the downloading is complete it will automatically popup you with a window giving you an option to install or cancel.
  • Click Install, and enjoy UMTV on Firestick and don’t forget to use VPN because some sources don’t work without VPN’s.

Get UnlockMyTV for PC

I get it, you are not always at your home in front of your TV and you don’t want to watch your favorite show on a tiny little piece of glass.

So, we have some ideas for you to use Unlock My TV on your PC

Use UnlockMyTV on PC using Airdroid

You can use your Android Phone remotely with the help of this app.

  • Just download Airdroid on your PC and Phone from their official website or PlayStore
  • After installing it on your PC and Phone, scan the QR code on your PC using the app on your phone.
  • Now that you are connected, head over to the remote control function on your PC and use your phone via your PC.
airdroid remote control
  • The only downside to this is a slight delay in screen sharing.

If you are sick of the delay you can always use android emulators like bluestacks or Nox App player to use android apps on your PC.

Get UnlockMyTV for iPhone/iOS

As you know iPhone is known for its security measures and being a bi**h when it comes to compatibility.

So, to install the UMTV app you can search for the same on the AppStore because there is absolutely no way you can use Android Apps on iPhone unless they are specially developed for iOS.

Don’t believe someone when they say there is a way to install the app on iPhone, they are either scamming you or they are just playing a prank on you.