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Amazon Fire TV with a Bluetooth Keyboard

Amazon Fire TV accessories can turn your regular TV into a Smart one. There are many products such as Fire Stick/Remote. With the help of these devices, you can access any audio/visual content on your TV. All you need to do is buy these accessories and you can access them with your voice too! Sometimes, there are long keywords or addresses which are difficult to enter solely by your voice. But not to worry because there is a solution to this problem! You can connect a Bluetooth keyboard with your Fire TV/Stick to easily search the content. It is a pocket-friendly device.

There are many versions of the Amazon Fire TV /Stick which come with various features. The latest versions of Amazon Fire TV/Stick come with a USB port which can easily be connected to your Keyboard or any other input device. In this article, we are discussing only about the Bluetooth connectivity of the Fire TV/Stick because it is a common feature in all devices of Amazon.

How to setup Amazon Fire TV Keyboard?

There is a very simple procedure to connect your Bluetooth keyboard with Fire TV/Stick. It is as simple as to connecting a phone with another via Bluetooth. Here are the steps to connect your Keyboard with Fire TV/Stick:

  1. Go to the Settings of the fire stick/TV and select Controller & Bluetooth devices.
  2. Open the Bluetooth connectivity of your keyboard by switching it on.
  3. After going through the 1st step, it will show you two options, one is Game Controllers and another is  Another Bluetooth Devices. As you are connecting a keyboard, which is not a Game controller, choose Another Bluetooth Devices.
  4. After the 3rd step, the screen of your TV will show the list of Bluetooth devices which are available to pair. Generally, the name of the keyboard is shown by the Input device or the name of Keyboard.
  5. Click on your device name and the Fire TV/Stick will show a 6cdigit random code on the TV screen, which will be an identification code for your keyboard.
  6. Type that code by your keyboard and press Enter.
  7. Your Keyboard device will successfully connect to the Amazon Fire TV/Stick and will show you a confirmation on the screen that the input device is connected successfully.

Now, you can continue to enjoy your content on your TV and can search whatever you want despite the length of the keyword. These devices are very popular these days because they are low-cost devices which can transform your regular LED TV into a Smarter one which may cost a lot otherwise for similar functionalities. if nothing else, it is a money-saving option for you.

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