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Can Android boxes get a Virus?

Every android user who wishes to connect their phone to the T.V. might have already heard about android T.V. boxes. You may also have used an android tv box and played games on your T.V., downloaded apps, and done many other things with it. While using it, have you ever thought if it can get affected by a virus? Yes, what you read is true. Your android box can also be affected by illness, just like your android phone or your P.C. However, do not worry because, in this article, we are going to tell you the steps to find out if or not your android box has been affected with malware and also the steps to remove the virus if it has been. So make sure you read the article wholly.

How does virus enter into Android box?

There are many ways by which a virus enter your device. When using unsecured websites, the online movie torrent websites might download malware without your knowledge. E-gift cards are also the sources for the hackers to send you malware.

How to know whether my android box has got a virus?

Updates repeatedly fail:

When you are updating your device, if you are frequently getting error messages, then there is a high chance that your device has got a virus on it. Updates are sent to fix the bugs and make the system run properly. If any malware is present in your device, then it doesn’t let the device to get updated. Thus, it can be an indication that your device has got a virus.

Getting redirected to another web page:

This is something you come across when you visit an insecure web page. You often get redirected to some XYZ web page instead of the one that you should be visiting. If this happens when you are visiting a normal page then this might be the work of the virus that has been entered your device.

Advertisements :

If you are getting unnecessary advertisements frequently, then you should be careful. Although you may not be at a loss unless you click on the advertisement, the ones who are sending these ads to you will gain a lot of money just because of advertisement.

Stealing your data:

Your contacts, chats, videos, photos on your device might get stolen sometimes. Hackers may use this information for lot of purposes. If you are facing such a kind of issue then your device may have been attacked.

If you have any of the above issues, then it is sure that your Android box could be facing some virus-related trouble.

What can I do to secure my Android box?

You can secure your device by following these steps:

  1. When you are using not only your android box but any other device, while installing any apps, make sure they are secured apps.
  2. Be extra aware when you are assigning permission to the apps that you are installing. Not every app needs permission to access your contacts and media.
  3. Root your device only if it necessary. If you root it you are making it available for everyone and thus a malware in other devices might affect yours as well and vice-versa.
  4. You may already know this, but to reiterate- it is very important to use anti-malware software. Make sure you have selected the right one for your device.

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