FireCable Plus: The better Amazon Fire Stick Power Cable

FireCable plus Wireless Adapter is used to power stream TV Stick directly from TV USB Port. It is a complete wireless product which would help you to get rid of the annoying hanging wires of your television. The FireCable plus is designed especially with power streaming sticks and is an 8 inch micro USB cable with a weight of 0.64 ounces.

As both can use micro USB Port, FireCable plus can be used in both the USB port and third-generation Amazon Fire TV. It is specially manufactured with the high quality of orange braided material.

What are the benefits of braided material?

It is important to note that the whole cable itself is made of the braided material. It is preferred by people because of its many advantages, including:

  • Braided material is cost-effective and better than plastic materials.
  • The braided cable won’t snag or twist into knots.
  • It has more durability in nature and doesn’t fray as easily.
  • It is easy for the braided cable to prevent electromagnetic interference from other electronic devices.

How to set up the FireCable Plus?

It is easy to set up this product. You would need to plug two things, and you will be done. The micro-level USB port is present on one side of the FireCable plus. It can be attached right into the port on the bottom of the Amazon Fire Stick. USB cable is currently on the other side of the FireCable Plus, which can be plugged right into the free USB port on the backside of your TV.

What are the features and Benefits of FireCable Plus?

Though it is mainly designed for Amazon Fire TV, it is compatible with most of the Fire models and also with 4K, Voice, Roku, and other HDMI streaming media players. It can keep on running the media players simultaneously due to its consistent power.

If you are a person who loves travelling, then this product is perfect for you. The compact nature of the product would able to power your Stick even with the absence of bulky adapters and cords. You can easily carry the Stick and FireCable Plus in your travel bag.

It would automatically turn off your Stick when you turn off your TV and vice versa in case you turn on the TV. This advantage will help you to save your electricity bill. Some of the television models cannot supply sufficient power, but with the compatible nature of FireCable plus is for more TV than standard cables. It can get maximum power from the TV in a secure way as it is built with heavy cooper and premium materials.


  • Eliminates the requirement of AC outlet and cords
  • Easy to get rid of messy and lengthy hanging wires from your TV
  • Saves electricity
  • Easy to install
  • Universal compatibility
  • Offers lifetime money-back guarantee
  • Easy to carry around while travelling


  • Reported by some customers that the product is not compatible with their Televisions.

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