FireStick Settings You Should Know and Change

Imagine taking your TV with you wherever you go. With Amazon Fire TV Stick, you can make your TV with you. This is a device that helps people explore different sites of entertainment streaming channels. With Fire Stick, you can get access to all of your favorite music, videos, photos, TV channels, and other subscriptions. It would help if you plugged it into any compatible TV to access all of your favorite TV shows and subscriptions. FireStick is plugged into the HDMI port to connect it with TV, and it is controlled with microphone in-built voice-controlled remote.

When for the first time, a FireStick is plugged into your device, the settings of the Firestick are default settings. You can modify some settings as per your needs. This helps you to grow your experience using FireStick and makes it more personalized.

Here are some settings you must know and change if you want to:

Enable Apps from Unknown Sources

Many apps you wish to have are not always available on the Amazon Store, so you have to download them separately. For this, you must enable the option of downloading from an unknown source option.

Follow the steps below to enable the option:

  • On the Home screen, you’ll find a setting option in the menu bar on the top of the screen.
  • From the setting, sub-options choose ‘My Fire TV’ and then click on ‘Developer Options’ on the ‘My Fire TV’ window
  • You’ll find an option of ‘Apps from Unknown Sources’ enable it.

Privacy Settings and disabling Data Monitoring

When first plugged in the FireStick has ‘Privacy Setting,’ and ‘Data Monitoring’ option enabled. When privacy settings and data monitoring options are enabled, the company can collect the user’s data of applications and device usage. Following steps will help you to disable these options

  • Click on the ‘settings’ on the menu toolbar from the home screen
  • In ‘Preferences’ option open ‘Privacy Settings’ option.
  • In the ‘Privacy settings’ option, disable both the ‘Device Usage Data’ and ‘Collect App Usage Data’ options.
  • Again return to the ‘Preferences’ option and click on ‘Data Monitoring option.’
  • Turn off the Data Monitoring option if it’s turned ON.

Amazon Appstore settings

Amazon FireStick has different Appstore settings you want to check and modify. There are various settings, such as Automatic Updates, External Market Lists, In-App Purchases, Notifications, and Hide Cloud Apps.

To either enable or disable the Appstore settings, follow the given steps:

  • Go ‘Settings’ options from the menu toolbar on the Home screen.
  • Click on ‘Applications’ and choose the ‘Appstore’ option.
  • Modify the Appstore option as per your need.

Change App Notification Settings

Notifications can be irritating while using livestock. Apps that you installed might keep notifying you about the unuseful messages. To turn off these notifications following the below steps:

  • On the Home, screen go to ‘Settings’ option on the menu bar
  • Click on ‘Preferences’ and select the ‘Notification Settings’
  • Turn ON the ‘Do Not Interrupt’ option from the Notification Settings.

Change the Firestick Display settings

FireSticks also gives the advantage of changing the display to increase the experience of using this product. There are different Display and Sound options like Video Resolution, Match Original Frame Rate, Colour Depth, Colour Format, and Calibrate display. To modify these settings, follow the given steps:

  • Go to the ‘Settings’ option from the menu bar from the Home screen
  • Go to Display and Sound option
  • Click on the Display option and change the display settings as per your need.

It modified settings; the streaming experience gets more personalized. You can enjoy using the FireStick as per wish!

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