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How to Fix the “Unfortunately, the app has stopped working” Errors?

James is an engineering student from one of the top universities in Miami; he had an older phone with only 2 GB RAM and 16 GB internal memory. Being a student, he had to do a lot of thing on his phone. He had downloaded many apps that helped him in learning and preparing his lessons; however, many a time, he used to face issues with the apps. They used to hang for some time and then come up with an error, “Unfortunately, the app has stopped working.”

James did not have many apps on his phone, yet he was facing this annoying issue. Frustrated with the problem, he purchased a new phone with 6 GB RAM, 128 GB memory, and thought it would solve his problem. He installed the applications he was using on his old phone. Everything was good for a few days, but the problem started again. He used to encounter the same error. James got frustrated and had to take the phone to the service centre to get it sorted.

Many people face such issues, but they don’t know how to get rid of it. We have listed some tips to fix this error.

  • Clear the cache: A cache is a data storage location where temporary files are stored. While we do not notice, but cache consumes a significant amount of storage space, and sometimes it stores malware as well. So, when we clear the cache of an app, it removes many unwanted files, and the issues get fixed. So, whenever we face the error, the app has stopped working, we must clear the cache and try again. Following are the steps to clear the cache:
  • Tap on Settings
  • Then tap on Apps
  • Scroll down to locate the app.
  • Then tap on Storage
  • You can see two options, “Clear Data” and “Clear Cache.” Tap on “Clear Cache.” It will delete the cache files.
  • Reset the app: If you face this issue even after clearing the cache, then the next option is to reset the app. As the name states, resetting the app will remove all the data related to the app, and it will be like a newly installed app. So, you need to take back up of the data. Here are the steps to reset an app:

  • Tap on Settings on your phone.
  • Then tap on apps.
  • Scroll down to locate the app you want to reset.
  • Then tap on Storage.
  • Then tap on “Clear Data.”

It may take a few seconds to clear all the data on the app. Once that is done, try to launch the app. If the app requires username and password/pin, then you have to enter the details to access the app.

  • Uninstall the app and reinstall the app or upgrade the app: Usually, clearing cache or resetting the app fixes this error, however, if it does not work, then you have to update the app or uninstall it and then reinstall. Many apps launch upgrades frequently so, we should use the upgraded version always. Moreover, sometimes the app gets corrupted due to many reasons, so uninstalling the app and reinstalling it fixes the issue.

We face errors with apps quite frequently. These issues are quite annoying, however, it is not difficult to get rid of them. We have discussed the ways to fix those issues. We hope the above steps will help you fix these issues.

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