How to increase Storage on Firestick and Fire TV

What is Firestick TV?

An Amazon fire stick is used to turn a television on Smart TV with the help of HDMI port and Firestick. The Firesticks looks like are oversized USB flash drive, and it is plugged into HDMI video input to play a full-featured streaming player.
Firesticks add many channels to your TV. A voice-controlled remote is used to operate a fire stick. This voice control remote has a built-in microphone.

What is the Fire TV?

An Amazon Fire TV is similar to other media players; the device has an HDMI port to connect a Firestick to get access to different channels. Fire TV converts a TV into a Smart TV with many benefits.

How to increase storage on Fire stick TV and Fire TV?

Fire Stick is a very favorite and successful product that is mostly used by youngsters. This product helps you watch different TV shows, web series, and movies. Another reason this product has grown the popularity as it gives the opportunity to play video games on the TV screen with the help of Fire TV remote. To help you experience this application to the fullest here are simple steps to increase the internal storage of Firestick.

Step 1:
To increase the storage capacity of the Fire TV, you first need to insert a Micro SD card. An SD card inserts pop-up message will appear on the screen. The compatibility of the SD card is checked after inserting the card.

Step 2:
After inserting the SD card, you’ll get a pop-up message which shows the space available. This helps to know how space is used while installing any application.

Step 3:
Open the Home screen and select the ‘Settings’ option.

Step 4:
From the Settings option, select ‘Applications’ options using Fire TV remote.

Step 5:
Select the ‘Manage Installed Applications’ from the list of ‘Applications.’

Step 6:
Now you can select the application that you want to move to SD card from the sub-list of installed applications.

Step 7:
The selected applications will be transferred to the SD card after selecting the application and clicking on the ‘Move to SD card’ option.
This helps to transfer the application to the SD card and emptying the storage for new applications.

The 2nd generation Firestick and 3rd generation Fire TV don’t have an inbuilt SD card port to extend the memory. These devices have 8 GB of internal storage. For 1st and 2nd generation Firestick and Fire TV, it’s possible to extend the internal memory by inserting a new SD card or new USB drive. But typically, this is not possible as the 3rd generation Fire TVs and 2nd generation Fire sticks lack the SD card and USB port.

As the new Firesticks and Fire TVs don’t have an SD card or USB drive port, the other option is to use an OTG cable. An OTG cable allows you to connect a USB drive to Fire TV. USB drives don’t extend the internal storage of both devices but help clean the storage by transferring the applications. As it easy to transfer the applications on old versions of the Firestick and Fire TV, this is a little difficult process. With the help of OTG cable, you can move files with ES File Explorer. This is the best way to solve the storage problem; media files can be stored and carried with you. This option is better while traveling as you don’t have to depend on the Wi-Fi or applications in the hotel available.

These are the handy ways you can transfer the applications from Firesticks and Fire TVs and clear the storage to install new applications. The internal storage of both these devices cannot be increased but cleared by transferring applications.

So, go ahead and store up all your favorite data without having the fear of limit!

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