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How to Stream from PC to Firestick – Best method

Remember the early days of the revolution when all sorts of electronic products were coming out. Very fortunate ones used to have such luxury to own one of such products like TV. But those days are over, and we have many advance technologies at affordable prices.

We all know that the amazon firestick turns our normal TV into a smart TV and with the help of internet connection we have a whole new world of entertainment. But suppose you do not want to use an internet connection. You want to steam one of your favorites shows or movies on your tv. Or if you’re going to play games on a big screen, then you can easily stream your PC on firestick.

Best methods to stream your PC to firestick

In this article, I will guide you through the setting process; either you are a windows user, or you are a mac user. If you are a Windows 10 user, then you will not need any other tools to stream your PC. Just follow these steps, and you are seconds away from streaming your PC.

  • When you are using windows 10- When you are trying to stream your PC to a Tv, then make sure your firestick is connected to the tv. And also, make sure that both the devices are connected with the same internet connections.
  • First press and hold the home button of your amazon firestick until one popup message will appear on the screen. There will be different options on the screen like apps, setting and mirroring, etc.
  • Select the mirroring option. Now you will see a message that will read as- “While this screen is open, guest devices can wireless mirror their display to (name) ‘s Fire Stick.”
  • Then on your PC, you will see a notification icon at the bottom right of the screen. It will be a text message icon.
  • There you will find an option called “connect.” When you click on that option, you will see your firestick listed there if you are connected on the same network.
  • When you click on your firestick listed there, it will connect, and you will see your PC screen on TV. Now you are ready to stream your PC.

If you are a Mac user, then there is no direct way to stream your PC. for this to happen, you will have to download the Airplay mirror receiver on your firestick.

  • Keep the app open on your tv then go to your Mac. Then go to system preference. Then select display, and there you have to select the mirroring option.
  • Then the Airplay icon will appear. Open it and select your firestick, and you are ready to stream your PC.

There are some different apps too. You can search in your firestick. If that is available, you can try it with other apps as well.

So above mentioned ways are the best way to stream your PC to firestick. If you have any difficulties, feel free to consult from this article, and you will be able to stream your PC seamlessly.

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