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Using torrents may damage your mini PC!

These days youngsters face a number of problems while wanting to watch movies. Some of these problems include the lack of availability of a variety of movies in movie theatres and the fact that a lot of people cannot take time out of their busy schedules to watch them. There are a number of online websites for watching movies and web series, however, many of them are very costly which is not affordable by everybody. Hence, Torrent websites are absolutely amazing for downloading movies for free. Many youngsters, as well as adults, rely on such websites for downloading movies and web series.

However, these websites have some drawbacks that might harm your mini pc. While downloading a movie from the above-mentioned websites, generally a 1GB or an mkv file is used. If we write, rewrite, and erase a file a lot of times, say for example 18 times, then you can say that 16GB eMMc gets cycled through. That’s almost one movie! We can stream videos or web content. But these exist in the memory so they can never be saved on our storage. It is often believed that mini PCs might get harmed or damaged via peer to peer sharing of torrent files. These torrent files often contain virus and malware which harms the PC. These malicious files can make the mini PC slow and difficult to use.

We often tend to set up the default settings of torrent in such a way that we can utilize this protocol so that our mini PC can be exposed to anyone. This often makes the device vulnerable to threats and malicious files. Even if we change the settings, the protocol won’t work unless it is set in such a way to accept uncleared and unasked for files. The same files are often authorized by us by using the same protocol from our PC with the help of internet connection to be transferred to others. However, as per our respective country’s laws, this may be very illegal on the basis of the content and the amount of usage of those files.

The downloading process might be safe but the content we download often might be harmful or hazardous. Often copies of soft porn, illegal videos, etc. can get distributed via your device, which can lead to further spreading of these files, that too without your knowledge. But the law, however, won’t consider these reasons because an illegal activity did take place. You can even get arrested for committing such a crime simply because it has now been committed by you unknowingly.

While clicking on certain links for downloading a movie, in a torrent website, often many redirect pages get opened. These pages host many ads and tiny pieces of programs like spyware, which might get installed on your computer immediately. After such activities, the real problem begins. Our computers start to hang midway, and pages might crash.  This might also happen because of the malware or the viruses or the malicious files that get downloaded in our PC, while we are not even aware of it.

These are quite a few problems that a user might face while using torrents in their mini PC. Hence, you must be cautious while downloading any kind of movies via torrent and should check and recheck any link before clicking the download button.

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